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What we tell our clients, partners and customers

About US

We are an integrated marketing platform focused on the retail and travel sectors with proprietary international e-commerce capabilities.         

Our digital marketing abilities are exceptional while our sales commission structure

is merchant friendly.

We raise brand awareness for our merchants, create product affinity and continuous customer engagement and target affluent and discerning customers who shop and book travel based on brand and product confidence.         
We are a curated platform that ensures quality of merchants, products and customer service.           
We synergize the retail and travel sectors, unlock brand values and create better values for shoppers and travellers.
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We are advocates of these values:


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We create more personal and leisure times for our customers in an overcrowded online space with better quality and reliable content   We make technology serve us and add values instead of cost.

We listen and anticipate our customers' needs and aspire to be their personal digital assistant serving their recreational needs, making it more convenient, meaningful and enjoyable.  On top of it all, we help stretch our customers' hard earn dollars to the fullest.


To be a business application of meaning and purpose.

To be an exceptional e-commerce platform and digital marketing channel.

To be our customers' favorite channel for shopping authentic products and booking travel products and activities of best values.

To be our business partner of integrity, honesty and reliability, at our best abilities, individually and jointly as a team.

At the Coffee Shop

Our Goal:  To be top marketer for destinations

Our Core Values

Customer is king

When unsure, fall back to what our customers and clients want

Teamwork above all

No man is an island, we support and cover each other in all we do

Accountability & Integrity

Achieving these individually and as a team are prelude to company success

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