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The time is soon when you can freely travel to the destination that you fancy. Prior to departure, you have an app to view the shopping, dining, recreation and touring activities available at the destination.  Best of all, you'll start receiving offers from the destination's retailers and travel operators. It would seem they already know your upcoming trip and are eager to serve you by offering discounts, free trials, special deals and so on!

You appreciate these information as you just don't have the time to research other sites which also don't provide the same amount of local details, recommendations and deals and neither do you really trust the reviews.   

During the trip, you are delighted to continue receiving more offers and invitations from local restaurants, unique shops with authentic products, spa, massage, local pubs, attractions, even for cooking class and art & craft sessions, and a family karoke outlet, the the list goes on, all neatly arranged in different product groups.  And you have every confidence with these offers because they are merchants curated by local product managers and all merchants are registered business entities that can be trusted.  If the locals are patronising them, you can be assured of their quality and services.  You'll soon discover that you can share shipping charges with fellow country travellers who are visiting the same destination.  Your purchases are consolidated with others into one shipment for lower shipping charges and less carbon trails.  

You realise the usefulness and convenience of this app and starts to appreciate the endless values it brings which stretches your spending dollars. 

As you travel on, you continue to be delighted with different offers that are presented to you from local merchants at the most appropriate time and place.  Just when you are hungry and don't know which restaurant to eat in a new place.  The sudden urge to have a warm cup of coffee in an alfresco setting.  What gifts to pleasantly surprise your family for the upcoming Christmas celebration.

By now, you are now really fond of ARichGlobe. It has been non intrusive yet informative, reliable and useful.  You understand what you are buying and know who you are buying from.  Most importantly, it is offering the right things at the right time and place.  

It's been such a wonderful trip so far.  There's ample time to explore the countryside with nature walks, fresh air, time away from maddening crowd and noise, lots of good moments that you truly deserve after working so hard.  Unlike past trips, you realised you didn't have to spent time researching for things to do, where to eat, shop or relax, and especially which shop has a great promo or deal!  As often said, all good things must come to an end as you are near the end of your trip .  But not necessarily so.  You can still buy that pretty dress, online, from that local shop at the last stop.  You like it so much then but hesitated because you felt you had over shopped.  It is comforting to know that if the lovely snacks and mouth watering chocolate cookies are a hit for families and friends when you get back home, you can re-order again online.  And you are just so glad to be able to conveniently arrange your own shipping for that bulky furniture purchased from one of the shops that could not organise international shipping for you. 

By now you are loving ARichGlobe, it has become to be like a personal digital assistant that hunts for things that you like and negotiates for best deals on your behalf.  You noticed a new destination has just been activated on the app.  The food looks delicious and the shopping fabulous.  You are already thinking when you can next get away from work.  And why shouldn't you, the globe has many more places rich for shopping and travel.  

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Our goal: the perfect picture for you.

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